Canada protest
Canada protest

Canadians protest against Khalistanis in Toronto

ANI | Updated: May 12, 2018 16:28 IST

Toronto[Canada], May 12 (ANI): Activists of the Canada Combat Coalition, a Toronto based nationalist orgnisation, took to the streets against Khalistani separatists, who, according to them, were using their land to carry out terror activities against India.
They carried flyers with "Stop Sikh Terrorism in Canada" and "No Khalistan allowed in Canada" written over it.
While condemning the ideology pursued by Sikh terrorists, the activists said that Khalistanis were mushrooming under the patronage of the politicians of the country, and were an imminent threat to Canada and its citizens.
A protester of the CCC said, "Khalistan is genocide of non- Sikhs, thousands of people were slaughtered by Khalistan Sikhs, Khalistan Sikhs blew up Air- India jet killing 330 Canadians. The main suspect stated that he wanted to kill 50,000 Hindus. There is a problem here. So, why does this concern Canada? Isn't this only a foreign conflict? No, it isn't. Tens of thousands of Sikhs claimed oppression in democratic India and received refugee status in Canada. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and NDP leader, both have connections with Khalistan Sikh promoters. Canada's image in the world has been tarnished by convicted Khalistani terrorists hobnobbing with Justin Trudeau. There's no secret."
He added that their campaign was not against any religion or faith but against all those who were a threat to the integrity of the country.
He sought a stricter policy vis-a-vis foreign nationals seeking refuge in the country as Khalistanis took advantage of the same laws in order to enter the country and use it as their workshop to plan mayhem in India.
The protester said, "I know we are having a mass immigration problem in this country but it's not all that is happening.Sikhs are a threat, not all of them but the Khalistan ones. They have been brought into this country indiscriminately. They are very large in numbers and are a threat to Canadians. So it's time for Canadians to stand up and take Canadians back. We must have stricter immigration laws and people coming into this country must be vetted."
The Canada Combat Coalition is also slated to organise a full-scale rally in July against the people and groups who have been exploiting the Canadian territory to execute their satanic plots.
Numerous evidence that surfaced lately prove that the so-called Khalistan movement, a failed secessionist campaign is being run and fuelled by Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence, which changed its operating centers to Canada, US and other European countries when it failed to gather any traction amongst the youth of Punjab.
Islamabad has been indoctrinating and financing radical Sikhs to design and spread a malicious propaganda against India. (ANI)