Casio contributes to mathematics education in Thailand

ANI | Updated: Apr 04, 2018 16:38 IST

Korat [Thailand], Apr 4 (ANI): The world's educational environment continues to evolve every year.

Scientific calculators tend to become one of the most indispensable items for such educational classes and Casio is making its contributions to the world based on Japanese product technology.

At a factory in Thailand's Korat city, many of Casio's products are being manufactured, such as watches, electronic dictionaries and scientific calculators.

About 2,700 employees are actively working in the Korat factory to make products that are used in many different fields for supporting people's daily lives.

Scientific calculators, which are made in automatic assembly line section of the factory is called as "Hakoniwa Line".

It is the latest system that was introduced in August last year. In the past, all assembly processes were done manually but since the introduction of the new automatic system, production has achieved an even higher and more stable quality of manufacturing.

At the same time, production efficiency has increased. The factory managers expect the productions to increase 1.6 times in the near future.

"In this factory, we created an environment where every single section is very clean and away from dust and waste. We are also keeping in mind that no defective cases should be found in any line. We are not only taking care of the current environment but also striving for improvement day by day. We believe that making such continuous efforts will build a great environment for our products and I would say that this is one of the strong points of this factory," said Shuji Daiba, an official of Casio Thailand.

Casio products, namely the scientific calculators, are in a great demand in the educational field.

The Parkchong School is located in the same province of Casio's Thai factory. The ministry of education in Thailand recently announced the start of a new educational curriculum and Mathematics is one of the main subjects.

The school has introduced using scientific calculators during mathematics classes starting from the new semester in May. This step is expected to enhance the student's level and the educational environment.

"Our school is planning to use the scientific calculators in the Mathematics class soon. By introducing scientific calculators to the education scene, we can expect many positive effects, such as saving class time, making each class easier, and attracting more students who used to have less confidence about their ability in Mathematics," said Jamroen Anantathamros, an official from Parkchong School.

Japan's technology is supporting the world's educational scene through the development of products that has led to the improvement of the study environment. (ANI)