Casio calculator (file photo)
Casio calculator (file photo)

Casio contributing to education in Thailand

ANI | Updated: Jan 03, 2019 13:31 IST

Bangkok [Thailand], Jan 3 (ANI): As multi-formulae scientific calculators are proving a boon for students in an advanced mathematics competition, a 'math competition' was held in Thailand to solve the problem of advanced mathematics.
This competition was held in cooperation between OBEC (Office of the Basic Education Commission) of the Ministry of Education of Thailand and Japanese electronics manufacturing company Casio.
In South-East Asian countries, STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics), which promotes education specialised in science, has actively been introduced.
The purpose of the 'math examination' is to use a scientific calculator to solve mathematical problems and compete with each other with an aim to increase the interest of the students in the subject while having fun.
The scientific calculator is produced by Casio. Students must use these calculators to solve the problems within a time limit of one hour.
Dr Thanarat, an official from OBEC, said: "According to Thailand's educational development plan, the main purpose is that all Thai people gain education and life quality concurrent to the philosophy of the government to enter sustainable economics and world transformation in the 21st century." (ANI)