Casio, calculator, mathematics, students, function
Casio, calculator, mathematics, students, function

Casio simplifies mathematics learning through newly-developed calculator

ANI | Updated: May 23, 2019 15:12 IST

Tokyo [Japan], May 23 (ANI): Casio Computer Co. Ltd. of Japan has developed a calculator that is tailored to meet various purposes of education and business.
The calculator features an action game that solves the mathematics function problem on smart-phones and tablet device for learning the formula of functions.
"The name of this game is 'Function Hero'. I'm in charge of doing an investigation into the first grade of the Thailand High school, and I think that the function calculator needs to show that there are many students who have a difficult image and that it is a tool that makes math difficult to do with familiarity. I thought the game was appropriate," Yumi Shimura from Casio.
The company makes sure that learners may easily grasp the study and have fun at the same time.
A student said, "I do not like the function the problem, so I don't want to study much, but I thought it was good to play a little game."
Users can also read comics according to their level of progress in the game.
"In this game, there are a hundred kinds of monsters in all. The way of the fight, the problem of the function, as soon as users enter the answer accurately, can cause significant damage to the monster. On collaboration game and comics, user can read 4 stories for now. User can read one to the end, but the other three; the user cannot read the ending scene until getting a high score in the game, so please try hard to get a high score on best," Genki Nakamura, another official from the same company. (ANI)