Flag of China (representative image)
Flag of China (representative image)

China: 7 coloured murals discovered in ancient tomb in Shanxi

ANI | Updated: Jun 21, 2019 06:10 IST

Taiyuan [China], Jun 21 (ANI): The Provincial Institute of Archaeology said that seven coloured murals were found inside an ancient tomb dating back to the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368) near Shuozhou city.
The well-preserved murals were found by archaeologists excavating the brick-chambered tomb, Xinhua reported.
Different images like those from ritual activities and landscapes have been painted on the walls. The murals also have painted images of women, shedding light on the kind of clothes worn by people in ancient Shanxi under the Yuan Dynasty.
The identity of the tomb owner is yet to be ascertained, said Wang Xiaoyi, the director of the institute.
"The new discoveries can provide valuable information for future studies on local burial customs and social life in Yuan dynasty," he added. (ANI)