China bans export of 32 items to North Korea

ANI | Updated: Apr 09, 2018 18:57 IST

Beijing [China], April 9 (ANI): In a bid to avert the production of Weapons of Mass Destruction, China on Monday banned the exports of 32 items to North Korea.

Beijing's commerce ministry said in a statement "The dual-use items are mostly equipment, software and technologies. They include particle accelerators and centrifuges" reported by the Yonhap News Agency.

The export ban is conducted under Resolution 2375 as adopted by the United Nations Security Council in September in the wake of the North's sixth nuclear test.

China's move comes after the surprise visit of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un to China in March.

It had been speculated that Beijing might be easing up on the sanctions imposed upon Pyongyang.

China has been termed as the closest ally and the biggest trade partner of North Korea. (ANI)