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China: CCP expels former internet censor over 'disloyalty' to party

ANI | Updated: Aug 22, 2021 15:09 IST

Beijing [China] August 22 (ANI): Chinese Communist Party on Tuesday informed that a former top Chinese internet censor Peng Bo has been expelled from the party accusing him of 'disloyalty'.
The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection accused Peng of 'disloyalty' to the party and failing to supervise the internet industry when he was the Deputy Chief of the Cyberspace Administration of China, The Star reported.
"Investigations have found that Peng Bo has lost his faith and was disloyal to the party," the commission said in a statement.

"He strayed from the decisions and plans laid down by the Party Central about the propaganda struggle over the internet, the statement said.
Meanwhile, Bo has also been accused of misusing his authority for his personal gain, sought benefits from internet companies, resisted investigations by the party and engaged in superstitious activities.
A few months ago, China's internet regulator had overseen the deletion of more than 2 million posts containing "harmful" discussion of history, amid preparations to mark the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) 100th anniversary in July.
Earlier, the Cybersecurity Administration of China's website invites people to report posts that "distort" the history of the party, or China since the party's rule began in 1949. Other criteria given include "attacks on the party leadership", "slandering heroes" and vilification of traditional Chinese culture.
In February, Chinese President Xi Jinping said that the campaign to educate members and the public about China's history will cover party history since its 1921 origins, but focus heavily on "historic successes" achieved since 2012, when Xi became the CCP's leader. (ANI)