China grappling with winter flu epidemic

ANI | Updated: Jan 08, 2018 18:03 IST

Beijing [China], January 8 (ANI): China is grappling with a severe winter flu epidemic, so much so, that hospitals flooded with patient waiting for treatment.

Patients has are reportedly tense and worried over the delay in receiving treatment.

The National Health and Family Planning Commission of China has reported that the number of winter flu cases is higher than in previous years.

The number of death cases is incalculable as observed by the state-run media the Global Times

Due to inadequate medical facilities in small cities and villages, patients from small cities and villages outnumber city patients.

Zhang Miao, 34-year-old from a Chinese village camping at the Peking Union Medical College Hospital's corridor for three days was quoted by the Global Times as saying that, the medical facilities in her village are inadequate and thus spending around 18,000 Yuan (USD 2,771) for her treatment was worth it. (ANI)