China, Pakistan plundering Baloch resources: BLA commander Aslam Baloch

ANI | Updated: Mar 01, 2018 05:58 IST

Balochistan [Pakistan], Mar. 1 (ANI): A senior commander of the Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA), Aslam Baloch, has accused both China and Pakistan of plundering the natural resources of Balochistan and perpetrating atrocities on the Baloch.

In an exclusive video interview sent to ANI, Aslam accused both Beijing and Islamabad of conceiving a malicious plan to eliminate Baloch identity.

He said, "It needs to be understood that China, under the patronage of Pakistan and its army, has been plundering the natural resources of Balochistan for many years. Not only this, China has now joined hands with the Pakistan Army, which has been perpetrating brutality on the common people of the region for the last six decades."

"Pakistan is getting intelligence inputs, arms and ammunition of the best quality from China to use in Balochistan. With China's help, Pakistan is trying to consolidate its military authority in the region. Their main targets are the coastal areas of Balochistan. China with Pakistan's help is strengthening its naval bases. The Baloch community and its future is facing existential threats owing to the inhumane activities of Pakistan and China," added Aslam.

China is investing 62 billion USD to construct the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), which includes the development of Gwadar Port in the Balochistan province.

People in Balochistan are resisting against any foreign investments, as for decades they have been fighting for a sovereign Baloch nation.

The BLA, which is listed as a terrorist organisation by Pakistan, claims to have been resisting the oppressive policies of Islamabad.

Aslam said, "Our people are getting disappeared every day. They are being killed; their houses are being looted and burnt. The situation is worrisome across Balochistan, mainly in the coastal areas and Makran, where the entire villages are being destroyed."

He added, "People are being displaced from their own lands and are relocated to places which are under the army's control. People are not allowed to communicate and restrictions are imposed even on their meeting to other people. In such a situation, any dialogue with China is impossible. So, we reject such a proposal."

The BLA commander also refuted claims of having had any secret dialogue with Beijing.

He said, "If anywhere, anything of this sort is taking place, then it is highly unacceptable and condemnable for us as well as for the youth and the whole community of Balochistan. The situation in Balochistan, which has been created jointly by Pakistan and China, allows no space for dialogue with them."

Since the Pakistan Army has been carrying out Operation Radd-ul-Fasaad, which translates roughly to `Elimination of Discord' in Balochistan, the BLA commander said the targets are mainly civilians. He sought the help of other countries to stop the atrocities of the Pakistan Army.

Aslam said, "Baloch have been resisting Pakistan and China's malicious plans. We will continue to fight. It won't be an easy task to keep away these two nations with powerful militaries. The Baloch want other nations to come forward and help the Baloch. It is then possible to stop their atrocities."

"The Baloch National Movement's aim is a peaceful and independent nation and nothing else. We have been struggling for it. Chances are high for having an independent Balochistan. Yes, we have been facing some difficulties, but we have been able to get rid of it. We have a belief to carry forward our struggle. The Baloch National Movement is progressing step-by-step and it will conclude on a positive note," said Aslam, in the presence of other armed associates at an unidentified mountainous location in Balochistan. (ANI)