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China reports 91 new COVID-19 cases

ANI | Updated: Jan 05, 2022 12:54 IST

Beijing [China], January 5 (ANI): China on Tuesday reported 41 new COVID-19 local cases, the National Health Commission said in its daily report on Wednesday.
Of the new local cases, 35 were reported in Shaanxi, four were reported in Henan, and two in Zhejiang, the commission said, reported Xinhua.
Also reported were 50 new imported cases in nine provincial-level regions, according to the commission.
Meanwhile, in an effort to conduct Winter Olympics scheduled to be held next month hassle-free, China is adamant about implementing a Zero-COVID policy, further complicating problems for its citizens.

China had welcomed the year 2022 with the worst tally of COVID-19 cases for any seven-day period since subduing the country's first epidemic nearly two years ago.
The National Health Commission reported on Saturday 175 new community infections with confirmed clinical symptoms for December 31, bringing the total number of local symptomatic cases in mainland China in the past week to 1,151, reported Al Jazeera.
The worst situation is said to be found in Xi'an town and since December, it is in the grip of a COVID-19 wave, according to Hong Kong Post.
For over two weeks now, Xi'an's 13 million residents are confined to their homes.
Only one person per household is allowed to leave home every two days to buy essential goods. Nobody can leave the city whatever the circumstances. The process of seeking permission is cumbersome, according to Hong Kong Post. (ANI)