China Defence Minister Wei Fenghe (Photo: Reuters)
China Defence Minister Wei Fenghe (Photo: Reuters)

China threatens to use force against US over Taiwan remark

ANI | Updated: Jun 02, 2019 13:40 IST

Beijing [China], June 02 (ANI): Asserting China will be "reunified", Defence Minister Wei Fenghe on Sunday threatened to use armed forces against the United States if it does not stop interfering in the Taiwan issue.
"No attempts to split China will succeed. Any interference in the Taiwan question is doomed to failure," Sputnik quoted Wei, as saying,
"We will strive for the process of peaceful reunification with utmost sincerity and greatest efforts but we make no promise to renounce the use of force. Any underestimation of the PLA's (People Liberation Army) resolve and will is extremely dangerous," he added.
China considers Taiwan to be its breakaway part but Taiwanese want a separate nation.
This comes a day after Washington released its first Indo-Pacific Strategy Report, in which it has critiqued China for its policy in South-China sea and Taiwan.
"During the last decade, China continued to emphasize capabilities for Taiwan contingencies. China has never renounced the use of military force against Taiwan, and continues to develop and deploy advanced military capabilities needed for a potential military campaign," the report mentioned.
In retaliation to that, Beijing accused Washington of making "false remarks" on the pertaining issue in Taiwan and the South China Sea.
Already engaged in a trade war, US recent comment over contentious Taiwan issue has further upset China. It has signalled that resuming talks will be tougher this time. (ANI)