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China: Toll in Henan floods rises to 71

ANI | Updated: Jul 27, 2021 17:34 IST

Henan [China] July 27 (ANI): The death toll in Henan's downpours and subsequent floods has reached 71, Chinese state media reported.
According to Global Times, the direct economic losses due to rains and flooding is about 71.53 billion yuan ($11.03 billion). In Henan province, Zhengzhou, Xinxiang, Anyang and Hebi, are the four worst-affected cities in Henan.
Henan province witnessed historic rainfalls which led to floods in many cities. The inundation brought the cities life to halt with videos surfacing of people struggling and scrambling in neck-deep water.

The rainfall intensified after July 17, with Zhengzhou receiving a year's worth of rain in just three days.
In Henan province, Zhengzhou, Xinxiang, Anyang and Hebi are the four worst-affected cities.
Since July 16, the heavy rainfall has caused damage in 1,558 towns in 150 counties and districts in the province, affecting over 12.9 million people as of 12 am Monday, the provincial government said at a press conference on Monday afternoon.
Over 675,500 people were temporarily evacuated, and at least 872,900 people have been relocated, the provincial government said. About 157,300 people are in need of emergency living assistance.
Over 972,100 hectares of crops have been damaged, among which over 108,000 hectares will not yield any harvest at all, following the disaster. The direct economic losses have risen to about 71.53 billion yuan ($11.03 billion). (ANI)