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China's human rights record is under the scanner as the country prepares to host the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics

ANI | Updated: Dec 06, 2021 20:14 IST

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Beijing [China] December 6 (ANI): China's human rights record is under the scanner as the country prepares to host the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, with activists pointing out that rights abuses go against the spirit of the games.
Let us focus on Beijing 2022 and how its hosting the Winter Olympics games is similar to the 1936 Berlin (Summer) Olympics which was notoriously known as the Hitler games. This game unlike anything seen before was driven with the sole aim to show Aryan supremacy over others and as a current spectator it is questionable as to why the games took place in the first place, writes Tenzing Dhamdul for the Phahul.
International Olympic Committee (IOC) supporting the propaganda narratives spewed by Beijing for their own mere financial benefit forgoing their humane ideals, according to the Phahul.

Analogies are drawn to Beijing's 2022 Winter Olympics to the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics and the 1936 Berlin Summer Olympics when after the Olympics the host states revealed their aggressive nature, according to the Phahul.
In the runner up to the 2022 Winter Olympics focus will be on Beijing's record in Tibet and Xinjiang province and further, missing of China's tennis star Peng Shuai, according to the Phahul.
Earlier, the united voice of the world especially the human rights advocate and missing tennis star Peng Shuai supporters who raised this issue have brought the focus on the Winter Olympics again.
Earlier, after the Communist party came into power in China in 1949, they have ignored the human values and rights of the people it governs.
Though Beijing tried to change under Deng Xiaoping, the bubble burst when the Tiananmen Square massacre occurred for the whole world to see. The Communist Party of China retreated after this incident. However, since the advent of the 21st century with China's rise as an economic giant, the world has gradually adapted to look the other way when the CCP commits such heinous crimes, according to the Phahul (ANI)