China's rise has allowed India to make its presence felt: Jaishankar

ANI | Updated: Jan 18, 2018 23:42 IST

New Delhi [India], January 18 (ANI): Foreign secretary S Jaishankar on Thursday said that China's rise and its opening up of the international order have allowed India to make its presence felt.

Speaking at the Raisina Dialogue, Jaishankar counted the four big disruptions that he sees- first the rise of China, second choices, postures and behavior of the United States, third challenge of terrorism especially from governed places, and forth rise and implication of Non Market Economics.

"Let's take rise of China. Clearly what we are seeing is not just rise of global power but rise of a very different power. And also whether that power will be a model to other countries or not, I think is an open question," he said.

"Rise of China has been disruptive in many way also positively. For India, in some ways, China has been a motivator People think if China can do that why can't we. To some extent, China has opened up the international order which has allowed India to make its presence felt. It's has got many facets to it," he added.

Jaishankar further said that the U.S disruption was not just limited to Trump administration, but also American choice in Pakistan was and will be a disruption.

He also described Obama's choices on Russia as disruptions.

Jaishankar also said that India was a part of solution to these disruptions and transition. (ANI)