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Aleppo attack
Aleppo attack

Chlorine used in Aleppo attack, confirms Russian MoD

ANI | Updated: Nov 25, 2018 15:45 IST

Moscow (Russia) Nov 25 (ANI): Russian Ministry of Defence on Sunday confirmed that the poisonous agent-Chlorine-filled shells were used by the militants in the recent attack on government-held city Aleppo.
"According to preliminary confirmed data, in particular, by the symptoms of poisoned victims, the shells that were fired at residential areas of Aleppo had been filled with chlorine," Sputnik quoted Russian Defense Ministry spokesperson Major General Igor Konashenkov as saying.
The Russian government, in order to detect a possible chemical attack, has sent a team of chemists to Aleppo.
"Groups from the observation posts of the radiation, chemical, and biological protection units with special equipment stationed in Syria arrived at the area of shelling urgently. They work with the injured taken to medical institutions, monitor the situation in the area where the militants used poisonous substances," said Konashenkov.
Russia also indicated that White Helmet organisation might be linked to the attack.
In order to detect any radiation, Russia had earlier deployed six special radiation, chemical, and biological reconnaissance vehicles to Russian observation posts in the immediate vicinity of the demilitarised zone in the province of Idlib, which would regularly carry out an assessment of the radiation, chemical, and biological conditions.
On Saturday, terrorist groups located in the Idlib de-escalation zone fired 120-millimeter shells at the northwestern districts of Aleppo from the southeastern part of the demilitarised zone.
As many as 46 people, including eight children, received a chemical damage and have been admitted to the hospital in Aleppo. (ANI)