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Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid
Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid

Combined resources of I2U2 nations to propel growth: Israeli PM Lapid

ANI | Updated: Jul 14, 2022 17:20 IST

Jerusalem [Israel], July 14 (ANI): Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid said that the "I2U2" nations have a common vision wherein the four nations want to bring together resources to propel infrastructure development, quality education and environmental conservation.
Speaking at the First Leaders Meeting of the "I2U2" group, Prime Minister Lapid said, "The real solutions will only come through countries that know how to bring together resources. We want to change the world for the better."
"Our goal is to have the private market as a partner. Despite being four different countries, it is clear that all of us want the same thing including infrastructure development, quality education for children and reducing the damage inflicted on the environment," he added.
During the remarks at the summit, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who participated virtually, said that the four nations have agreed on increasing the joint investment in six important areas of water, energy, transport, space, health and food security.
"Our cooperative framework is also a good model for practical cooperation in the face of increasing global uncertainties. Under the I2U2 framework, we've agreed on increasing the joint investment in 6 important areas of water, energy, transport, space, health & food security," Modi said during the I2U2 Leaders Meeting in a virtual mode.

The Prime Minister said, "by mobilising our mutual strength, capital, expertise and markets, we can speed up our agenda and make important contributions to the global economy."
Modi highlighted that the I2U2 grouping will "make a significant contribution toward Energy Security, Food Security and Economic Growth globally." "From this very first summit, I2U2 has established a positive agenda. We have identified joint projects in various sectors and prepared a roadmap to go ahead," PM Modi added.
Modi termed the vision and agenda of I2U2 as "progressive and practical."
The proposed virtual summit of India, Israel, UAE, and the USA dubbed "I2U2" is being projected as the Quad for West Asia. I2U2 is aimed to encourage joint investments in six mutually identified areas such as water, energy, transportation, space, health, and food security.
The I2U2 Grouping was conceptualized during the meeting of the Foreign Ministers of the four countries held on October 18 last year. "Each country also has Sherpa-level interactions regularly to discuss the possible areas of cooperation," the MEA said.
It intends to mobilize private sector capital and expertise to help modernize the infrastructure, low carbon development pathways for our industries, improve public health, and promote the development of critical emerging and green technologies.
The leaders will discuss the possible joint projects within the framework of I2U2 as well as the other common areas of mutual interest to strengthen the economic partnership in trade and investment in our respective regions and beyond. (ANI)