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Daifuku at Logis-Tech Tokyo 2018
Daifuku at Logis-Tech Tokyo 2018

Daifuku introduces advanced airport facility

ANI | Updated: Sep 21, 2018 19:16 IST

Tokyo [Japan], Sept 21 (ANI): Material handling giant Daifuku unveiled new technology- Self Bag Drop (SBD)- at Logis-Tech Tokyo 2018 that was held in Japan from 11th to14th September 2018.
The new development expedites the departure process at airports by automating the experience. The passenger first performs facial recognition, then operates the device to receive a package tag. S/he then proceeds to set their baggage on a dedicated conveyor, where the technology reads the barcode and the structure of the invention makes it easy for the passengers to place their luggage.
"It usually takes three minutes for one passenger to check in their baggage at a traditional counter. However, our Self Bag Drop technology does the same task in only 45 seconds", says Daifuku's Stuart Oliphant.
"The SBD technology is a step towards the future, with airports around the world planning to introduce 'Smart Aiport' concepts which engage Artificial Intelligence", he further adds.
The technology cuts the waiting time for passengers, which allows them to fully utilize their time at the airport to pursue other activities like shopping or eating.
Oliphant further says that the technology "is also beneficial for airports and airlines as it allows them to completely utilize their employee's time and potential".
A check-in counter was created at their booth at the expo to showcase their new technology.
Daifuku, known for its accuracy, efficiency and swiftness, received great response about their new concept for airports. Visitors at the booth were very enthusiastic about the tech.
"It was fantastic. It was very amazing and it took my breath away", said a visitor from Russia who saw the showcase. (ANI)