Dogs in Nepal get VIP treatment on second day of Tihar

ANI | Updated: Oct 18, 2017 23:16 IST

Kathmandu [Nepal], Octoner 18 (ANI): Dogs in Nepal are being worshiped on the second day of tihar festival on Wednesday.

The second day of Tihar is known as "Kukur (Dog) Tihar", the day of dogs.

The dogs that are regarded as guardian and messenger of Yama are offered garlands, breads and are worshiped with vermilion powder and flowers.

The Rigveda, one of the Vedas in Hindu religion, Samara- the mother of dogs assists Indra, the ruler of heaven in retrieving stolen cattle.

In Central Dog Training School in Kathmandu the dogs were conferred with garlands and medal for their special contribution in providing security and solving cases.

"The dogs that are deployed at the time of investigation from our Nepal Police have gained height of success. They have contributed majorly during the investigations and they are the means of investigation, a tool for us," Dr Deuti Gurung, the Superintendent of Nepal police told ANI highlighting the role played by dogs at the time of investigations.

Amongst the 80 dogs in the training school one of the dogs was conferred with the title of "Dog of the Year" on the basis of its role in solving the cases.

The dog training school brings dogs from abroad and some are breaded here, trained and prepared for investigation.

The dogs in the school also played a crucial role in rescuing and finding the survivors buried beneath the rubbles and at the time of VVIP visit from foreign nations.

"I was really moved by what the dogs showed and I didn't expect them to be so clever like that they were doing everything we said," Alice Drake who watched the showcase of dogs and the procession on Wednesday said.

In another religious book of Hindu religion, the Mahavarata it has the plot of Yudhistir's refusal to enter heaven without his devoted dog which represents the concept of Dharma and path of righteousness.

Honoring the role played by the dogs Nepal on the Second day of Yama Panchak or Tihar the pet or the stray dogs are worshipped early in the morning for the devotion and sincerity they have shown. (ANI)