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Double whammy for people in PoK as power outages increase troubles amid lockdown

ANI | Updated: Apr 27, 2020 18:18 IST

Muzaffarabad, [PoK] April 27 (ANI): The spread of coronavirus and the subsequent lockdown has severely affected the lives of people in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir.
The health crisis has not only taken away the meager salaries they would earn but has also forced them to live confined to their homes where there is no electricity.
People are still facing hours of power cuts and that has compounded the frustration and has made life more miserable.
Naib, a Local in Hattian Bala town says that powerhouse is right there in the center but nearby villages and the markets of the town never get enough electricity. He appeals to authorities to immediately act.
"There is a huge load shedding in the region. There is a powerhouse here but the villages nearby are facing frequent power cuts. The main markets here too are facing power cuts. This problem must be solved", said Naib.
The states across the world are overwhelmed with power owing to lockdown as the industries and facilities that consume the power most are shut.
So, the electricity supply for domestic usage has been increased all around but not in PoK. In such a helpless situation, some of them have even flouted the lockdown.
Another resident, Jawed, says people are forced to steal power as the bills for the limited electricity are exorbitantly high.
He said, "The situation of power is not good in the region. Load shedding is very high due to which there is an immense strain on wires during the limited supply as people try to steal it".
Jawed also says that there are many places where just two to three hours of power is available in the entire day. Locals blame the government working at the behest of Islamabad for the situation.
The misery and mistreatment are however not new to the people of illegally occupied PoK, they are deprived of their rights and resources for over seven decades.
Pakistan has indiscriminately exploited the land, water and minerals of the region and continues to do it today but has deliberately denied the natives a dignified life. It is not just the electricity but people in occupied Kashmir are deprived of almost fundamental needs and rights. (ANI)