United States President Donald Trump
United States President Donald Trump

Dump iPhone for Huawei: China to Trump on NYT report

ANI | Updated: Oct 26, 2018 21:52 IST

Beijing [China], Oct 26 (ANI): Two days after The New York Times reported that Chinese and Russian spies often listen to United States President Donald Trump's conversation with his old friends on his personal iPhone, China on Thursday dismissed the report while suggesting that the American top leader should use a Huawei handset instead.
Addressing reporters during a regular press briefing here, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying called the report as "fake news" and could "stop using all modern communications devices and cut themselves off from the outside world" for the "sake of absolute security".
"Firstly, the New York Times should have known that releasing such kind of report would only add to evidence that it was fabricating fake news. Secondly, if they are worried that their iPhones may be eavesdropped, they might want to use the mobile phones produced by Huawei. Thirdly, if they are still not reassured, for the sake of absolute security, they may stop using all modern communications devices and cut themselves off from the outside world," Chunying said.
"I think that now certain people in the US are sparing no effort to win the 'Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay'," she added.
Chunying's response came after Trump's close aides have repeatedly warned the US President that his cellphones are not secure. Although Trump has been asked to use the White House landline on a regular basis, Trump has not bid adieu to his handsets, according to The New York Times.
Quoting several former and current officials, American spy agencies have learned that China and Russia were eavesdropping on Trump's phone calls, with Beijing planning an approach to prevent an escalation of a trade war with Washington, according to the report.
Trump trashed the Times report, saying it was "long and boring" and "more made up fake news". He clarified that he rarely used a personal cell phone and only used a handset that is "government authorised".
Commenting on a recent poll by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs and Pew Research Center on how the people view the China-US relations, wherein the citizens view Washington as a more reliable and important partner, Chunying said, "The results of relevant polls you mentioned just show that the majority of the American people hope that China-US relations could enjoy sound and stable development and that the US side could strengthen exchanges and cooperation with China. We stand ready to strengthen dialogue, enhance mutual trust, deepen cooperation and properly handle differences with the United States so as to move forward our bilateral relations along the right track."
Talking about dissident Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi's murder case, Chunying hoped that the case would be handled properly and China will continue to follow the developments.
"The death of Saudi Arabian journalist Jamal Khashoggi has aroused widespread concern from the international community. We have noted that the Saudi Arabian side has announced the initial result of the investigation and taken steps to find out the truth. We have also taken note of the statements made by Turkey and other parties on this issue. It is a tragic incident. We hope that this case can be dealt with properly. We will continue to follow it," she stated.
Reacting to the comments of the spokesperson of the US Embassy in China that Washington will not send senior officials to attend the First China International Import Expo next month, Chunying said, "The US side certainly has the right to decide officials at whatever level they will send to the Expo. However, on the one hand, the US side requires China to open its market to US products and services. On the other hand, when we open our door to embrace guests from all over the world, the US is reluctant to send officials to China. What the US did contradicts with what it said. This really baffles us." (ANI)