EBARA helps contribute to modern infrastructure in Malaysia

ANI | Updated: Oct 25, 2018 19:52 IST

Kuala Lumpur [Malaysia], Oct 25 (ANI): Japanese manufacturing giant EBARA is helping modern infrastructure in Kuala Lumpur operate efficiently through its wide range of pumps.
A subsidiary company of EBARA Corporation Japan, EBARA Pumps provide sales and servicing of its pumps and related equipment in Malaysia.
One of the fastest growing metropolitans in Asia, EBARA pumps are used at the Tun Razak Exchange (TRX) Mass Rapid Transit underground station here. It's amongst the deepest stations in the city, with seven underground levels.
EBARA supplies a wide range of and products such as air conditioning, plumbing, and sewage transfer to the station. EBARA pumps are used in the chiller plant room to help operate the station efficiently.
The pumps supply chilled water to the heat exchanger, air handlers, and other types of terminal devices which cool the air in their respective space.
K.H.Lee, an official from EBARA Pumps Malaysia, said: "We have ten units of EBARA pumps at the station's chiller room which are in operation. The air conditioning is provided to the whole station by these pumps through a supply of chilled water and condensed water to the chiller. Then we supply air conditioning to the whole station here."
He further mentioned that all products are inspected carefully. "EBARA offers value-adding products as well as quality services to answer growing market demands. Products are all inspected carefully through processes such as operational test and water pressure test. It also focuses on developing and producing long-lasting products."
Lee also elaborated on EBARA's role beyond the TRX station, saying "EBARA Pumps Malaysia services Malaysia market with high-quality products and provides pumping solutions for customers' water needs. Our products are being used to supply water to residential area, sewage treatment plant, oil and gas, power plant and factories. Thanks to the quality product and strong aftermarket service, we are able to contribute to the society with high-efficiency product and achieve energy saving features." (ANI)