People enjoying hot sand bath in Japan (ANI)
People enjoying hot sand bath in Japan (ANI)

Enjoy hot sand bath in Japan's Ibusuki city

ANI | Updated: Jun 25, 2021 18:49 IST

Ibusuki [Japan], June 25 (ANI): Enjoying hot sand bath is a unique experience in Japan. Ibusuki city in Kagoshima prefecture is ideal for such an experience as many volcanic landforms are found here.
"The high temperature of the hot spring used to heat the sand and then it is used to warm the body of customers, so we call it Hot Sand Bath. We know that this idea has been used for 400 years. This Area was famous for having many hot springs, the historical politician Takamori Saigo and his group visited here to stay at motel and to get healing by this hot sand bath," said Sand Bath hall staff.
"I feel refresh in a short time. My heartbeat is better and blood circulation has improved. It is different from normal hot spring," said a visitor.

"There are a number of clocks lined up in the sand bath hall to remind visitors that they should not stay in the sand for more than ten minutes so as to get the best benefits of the bath and avoid dehydration,' added the visitor.
"It is believed that Hot Sand Bath is four times better than a normal water hot spring. It heals stiff back and neck and other medical conditions as the temperature reaches about 43 degrees. This is very unique place and we hope many visitors to come here and experience it," added Sand Bath hall staff.
To take a sand bath, visitors can borrow a `yukata', get into a sand pit and let the attendant heap sand over them.
The heated sand will warm the whole body and its weight also helps in improving blood circulation.
There are facilities with steam sand bath located right by the sea and the sound of the waves relaxes the mind. (ANI)