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Explosion at PD 11 in Afghanistan's Kabul city

ANI | Updated: Jun 01, 2022 23:10 IST

Kabul [Afghanistan], June 1 (ANI): A blast took place in Police District (PD) 11 of Kabul city on Wednesday that was reportedly caused by explosives placed in a bicycle.
A security source said that there were no casualties reported till now, said Tolo News.
More details are awaited.
Since the Taliban took control of Afghanistan last August, the country has been mired in violence.

Moreover, the law and order situation has deteriorated and Afghan citizens are in perpetual fear of blasts and explosions.
Recently, the terror group ISIS (ISIL) claimed responsibility for a series of explosions in the Afghan city of Mazar-i-Sharif, which killed 9 people and left 15 others injured on May 25th.
Three explosions rocked the capital of Balkh province on May 25, leaving at least 9 people killed and 15 others injured, Khaama Press reported. Meanwhile, on the same day, a blast at Masjid Sharif Hazrat Zakaria mosque in Kabul City left at least two worshippers dead, according to officials, Al Jazeera reported.
In response to the attacks in Balkh and Kabul, the US Special Envoy for Women and Human Rights in Afghanistan, Rina Amiri said that the Taliban must ensure people's security and prevent similar atrocities.
"The heinous attacks in Mazar & Kabul serve no purpose but to inflict further devastation on innocent Afghans who have suffered enough," Amiri tweeted. (ANI)