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Extended Troika format meeting on Afghanistan scheduled for January: Russian special envoy

ANI | Updated: Dec 30, 2021 14:29 IST

Kabul [Afghanistan], Decemeber 30 (ANI): A new meeting of Russia, United States, China and Pakistan under Extended Troika format is scheduled for January next year in Kabul, announced Russia special Presidential Representative for Afghanistan, Zamir Kabulov.
"There is no exact date, but we agreed that it should take place by the end of January, the deadline is early February, to hold such a meeting in Kabul," Sputnik quoted Kabulov as saying.
It is still unclear whether the Taliban regime will be invited to the meeting, Khaama Press reported.
Last month, Islamabad hosted a meeting of extended Troika to discuss the latest situation in Afghanistan. The extended Troika met with senior Taliban representatives on the sidelines of the meeting.
In that meeting, the four participating states expressed deep concern regarding the severe humanitarian and economic situation in Afghanistan and reiterated unwavering support for the people of Afghanistan.

In the meeting, Taliban authorities were also invited.
The meeting announcement comes at a time when Afghanistan is the worst humanitarian crisis.
#Early this month, the UNSC security council o unanimously adopted a resolution clearing the way for aid to reach Afghans in desperate need of basic support, while preventing funds from falling into the hands of the Taliban, a move welcomed by the UN Emergency Relief Coordinator as a "milestone" decision that will save lives.
Martin Griffiths, who is also Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs, described the Council's passage of resolution 2615 (2021), tabled by the United States, as "evidence of how seriously the Member States take the shocking levels of need and suffering in the country."
According to the UNDP Socio-economic Outlook for Afghanistan, the country ended 2020 with "significant" economic and development challenges. International partners pledged $13 billion in November 2020 over the following four years.
However, the political change on 15 August 2021 ushered in new conditions. The international community's non-recognition of the Taliban, coupled with uncertainty arising from the divergence between official announcements and actions on the ground, led to a sudden pause in international aid, and the freezing of Afghan reserves held abroad. (ANI)