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Family of Alabama mall shootout victim seeks justice

ANI | Updated: Nov 26, 2018 16:39 IST

Alabama [USA] Nov 26 (ANI): The family of Emantic Bradford Jr, who was mistakenly shot dead at Alabama mall, has sought justice for the youth.
Civil Rights Attorney Benjamin Crump said the Hoover Police Department officer who shot Bradford failed to provide a warning before shooting him and rushed to judgment.
"He saw a black man with a gun and he made his determination that he must be a criminal. They concluded their investigation while EJ was (lying) on the mall floor, bleeding out, dying...There's a murderer on the loose largely because police rushed to judgment," CNN quoted Crump as saying.
The family has asked the police to release all the videos of the deadly incident and expressed dismay at the fact that Hoover Police did not contact the family regarding the post-investigation report, adding that they were getting the updates from social media.
Moreover, EJ's father said that he was frustrated with the response from the Hoover police."That's not protocol for you just to do something, kill my child and not respond when we're calling you," he added.
The shooting took place on Thursday evening between the police and the gunman at Alabama Mall and Hoover Police officer shot the man and informed the public that they had secured the entire mall and the gunman had been shot dead.
Police had also allegedly injured two people including a girl, who was later taken to the hospital for the treatment of their bullet wounds.
At first, police described the incident as a fight between the teenager and Bradford that turned into the gunfire and during which a girl standing nearby was also shot and injured.
According to The Washington Post, EJ Bradford was a medical student and a spokesman for the Army said that he "never completed advanced individual training" and never served. (ANI)