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Imran Khan at Rawalpindi jalsa. (Photo Credit - Twitter/PTI)
Imran Khan at Rawalpindi jalsa. (Photo Credit - Twitter/PTI)

"Free yourselves from fear of death," says Imran Khan at Rawalpindi jalsa

ANI | Updated: Nov 26, 2022 21:45 IST

Rawalpindi [Pakistan], November 26 (ANI): Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Saturday kick-started his long march in Rawalpindi and called on his party's supporters to free themselves from the fear of death if they wanted to live freely.
PTI chief is addressing workers and supporters to reveal party's future course of action. Addressing the party's power show in Rehmanabad, Khan said, "Fear turns an entire nation into slaves."
"12 people were shot at the container and not a single one lost their lives, if you want to live life in the true sense, free yourself from the fear of death," said the PTI chief.
In his first public appearance since being shot in an attempted assassination attack earlier this month, the PTI chief said, "An attempt was made to kill me as part of a conspiracy, when I started to leave Lahore, everyone told me that they can do it again, but remember that death cannot come unless Allah is willing for it, and when the time comes, no one can escape."
Khan has resumed his protest march toward Islamabad after surviving an apparent assassination attempt earlier this month. Meanwhile, Pakistan's interior minister, Rana Sanaullah Khan had warned on Friday that the march should be postponed, stating that there had been threats of attacks from militant groups.
Khan, during his party's power show in Rehmanabad on Saturday, said Pakistan is standing at a "defining point".
"Pakistan today stands at a decisive point, one side is the path of greatness and the other is the path of destruction and slavery," said Khan.
Addressing the charged crowd, Khan admitted that it was difficult for him to travel with an injured leg. When he was setting out from Lahore, the PTI chief said, everyone had advised him not to do so due to his injured leg as well as the threats to his life.
Khan said he had seen death closely after the attack on him. "When I fell down, I knew Allah saved me," the former premier said.
The PTI chairman further added that the coalition government has been constantly trying to "humiliate" him time and again because he called them thieves.
He said that the main reason for the problems of Pakistan today is the lack of rule of law.
"If Pakistan is in a difficult situation today it's not because we are short of resources but due to the absence of rule of law." Imran said families like Sharifs and Zardaris are responsible for weakening Pakistan's institutions in a bid to protect their "looted wealth".
"Today, Pakistanis living abroad are with Tehreek-e-Insaf because they know the value of justice, the main reason for poverty in poor countries is the corruption of powerful people," said Chairman Imran Khan.
Pakistan is in the midst of another bout of political uncertainty as Khan has led country-wide protests in an attempt to force current Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif into early elections.
Khan has once again demanded fresh elections that he believes will save the country from default and political mayhem.

Earlier, in an interview with a private news channel, the former premier said some elements wanted an altercation between him and the army, but insisted this country and the force both belonged to him. He added he only had issues with some black sheep within the army and not the entire institution, reported Dawn.
"The Haqeeqi Azadi movement will not end today (Nov 26), but continue until justice is dispensed with," he said.
Khan also talked about the successful covid policy, and steps taken by PTI in economic progress.
Talking about his failure on National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO), he said, "I failed in one thing during my three and a half years in power and that was I could not bring the powerful under the law - I was told to give them NRO, forgive them, corruption is bad for those who had power in this country. It didn't seem."
Imran said there would be no difference between animals and humans if people of the country accepted the rulers who came to power through 'NRO'.
Imran said his aides also warned him not to address the public rally in Rawalpindi as "three culprits holding top portfolios will attempt again to kill me."
Khan after landing in Islamabad for the 'climax' of the Haqeeqi Azadi said, "Many prime ministers come and go but public never came out in such large numbers like they gathered here for me," he added.
Imran admitted that he failed to bring powerful under the law. "Because National Accountability Bureau (NAB) was under the control of establishment and they (NAB) told me that all cases were ready but they were not receiving orders from the top".
"Establishment told me to focus on economy and stop pursuing corruption cases... they did not consider corruption wrong. Those who had power did not consider corruption bad.
"Establishment was not part of conspiracy but they did not stop their (then opposition) conspiracy to come to power."
Imran said he criticised institutions including military establishment and judiciary because "I have to live and die here".
"My criticism of institutions is positive. I want to strengthen the defence of the country. This country is mine... army is mine."
"I will fight for the country till the last drop of my blood. I want my country to achieve real freedom. History will bear witness that Imran Khan fought for the country till the last ball."
He said the one who increased his assets and violated human rights will be judged by history as whether his actions benefited or caused harm to the country.
"Freedom has to be snatched. No one serves it out on plate. My movement for real freedom will continue until we free our people from (slavery)." (ANI)