Frustrated Pak trying to crush Baloch movement in western countries: Baloch leaders

ANI | Updated: Sep 20, 2017 19:20 IST

Geneva [Switzerland], September 20 (ANI): The Balochistan leaders have asserted that Pakistan's frustration with 'Free Balochistan' posters, displayed by some Baloch Activists across Geneva, is so evident that now it is trying to crush their peaceful political movement even in the western countries.

In an interview to Times of Geneva, Representative of Baluchistan to European Union and United Nations, Mehran Marri and President Balochistan Republican Party, Brahmadagh Bugti have categorically said that the posters displayed in Geneva have nothing wrong in it.

"I don't understand why Pakistan is getting frustrated on these posters. If you see at the posters, there are only birds flying and I don't see anything wrong in these posters. These are for peace and prosperity and especially to highlight the Baloch problem internationally to make the international community understand the Baloch problem," Brahmadagh Bugti said.

"I think this is the evidence of what Pakistan is doing in Balochistan like crushing our peaceful political movement and now they are trying to crush the same in western countries and this is not going to work internationally and especially in a city like Geneva," he added.

While Mehran Marri said that Pakistan's reaction is quite predictable as it has been paranoid about the Baloch human rights activities in the international community.

"I think their reaction is quite predictable because Pakistan lately has been very paranoid about the Baloch human rights activist activities in the international community and especially since Trump's inauguration. The international community, in particular America, has taken a strong stand against Pakistan and its dubious games in Afghanistan, Balochistan and other neighbouring countries," he said.

"These posters have stroked a raw nerve of the Pakistani establishment, whereas in my opinion the posters are displaying nothing wrong. They're displaying the freedom aspiring Baloch people's will to have an independent free Balochistan. I think that doves are symbol of peace and happiness and that's what we aspire for," Marri added.

He further said that he really don't understand the impatience of the Pakistanis as they have gone crazy within the international community, particularly with the Swiss authorities.

"Pakistani military and the authorities have to understand that Switzerland and Geneva are not Pakistan or Islamabad, so therefore they can suppress the voices of the villages and they can stop media representation or any display of posters there but people are here people are free to display posters or protest against the atrocities emerged," Marri added. (ANI)