US-backed President of Venezuela Juan Guaido (file photo)
US-backed President of Venezuela Juan Guaido (file photo)

Guaido's arrested aide part of terror cell, claims Venezuela's interior minister

ANI | Updated: Mar 22, 2019 04:54 IST

Caracas [Venezuela], Mar 22 (ANI): Venezuela's Minister of Interior Nestor Reverol on Thursday stated that the arrested aide of Opposition leader Juan Guaido was part of a terror cell which planned attacks.
Venezuela's intelligence service had detained two of Guaido's associates, out of which one has been recognised as Roberto Marrero who had rifles and a grenade in possession at the time of arrest, reports Sputnik.
"Early today morning, two of the closest associates of Venezuelan National Assembly leader Juan Guaido, Marrero and Sergio Vergara, were detained at their homes. The detention was carried out in the El Cafetal neighbourhood of the Baruta municipality. Two rifles and a grenade were found in Marrero's house," sources told Russian state media.
While Vergara has been released ever since, Marrero continues to remain in custody.
The United States has slammed the arrests, with National Security Adviser John Bolton threatening to respond to the detention.
The Latin American nation has been in the throes of a political crisis ever since Guaido proclaimed himself as the President of the nation in January this year. Embattled President Nicolas Maduro, who came into power following largely rejected elections, refused to step down from his post.
The US was the first to recognise Guaido as the interim President of Venezuela, with countries like the Netherlands, UK, France, etc following suit. Maduro has slammed external interference in the nation, accusing US of plotting a coup to overthrow him. (ANI)