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'Half of children globally don't know about Convention on the Rights of the Child'

ANI | Updated: Nov 19, 2019 07:45 IST

New Delhi [India], Nov 19 (ANI): Half of the children globally do not know about the Convention on the Rights of the Child, despite being the most widely ratified human rights treaty in the world, according to a report by NGO Educo.
In a report, 'The Small Voices Big Dream global', the Educo global noted that countries are not complying with their commitment to promote the convention. The report surveyed 5500 children from across 15 countries around the world using global tendencies.
Yukiko Yamada, Advocacy Director at Educo said: "It is an unacceptable situation. Article 42 of the Convention demands that states actively promote children's rights to the whole of society."
"However, half of the children do not know about this text or what it is for. This figure is a clear sign that governments have not taken children's rights seriously since the convention was approved 30 years ago. There is no excuse that justifies this attitude. It is time for states to fulfil their obligations."
The report by Educo and ChildFund also revealed that there are more children that know about the convention in impoverished countries (61 per cent of those surveyed) than in countries with a better economic situation (33.7 per cent).
"It is vital that children who live in places where there is a higher level of inequality know about the convention, because inequality mainly affects children, and does so to a greater extent. If we want to achieve fairer and more equal societies, it is fundamental that we all know about children's rights. And we must act now. Children, especially the most vulnerable ones, cannot wait another 30 years," Yamada said.
Although children do not know about the convention, they are aware that they have rights, as declared by 71 per cent of the children interviewed. However, 39.2 per cent think that adults do not know about or respect their rights.
The study also showed that half of the children surveyed in the global report also say that adults do not listen to their opinions regarding issues that are important to them.
"Defending children's rights begins with listening to them. They have a lot to say, lots of ideas to contribute. Which is why it is vital to promote their participation in the decisions that affect them, and create appropriate spaces for that to happen. Participation begins by showing them that they have the right to give their opinion and be listened to, as stated in the convention," Yamada said. (ANI)