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Sheikh Mujibur Rahman
Sheikh Mujibur Rahman

Happiest moment of my life is the Independence Day of Bangladesh: Sheikh Mujibur Rahman

ANI | Updated: Aug 29, 2020 17:33 IST

Dhaka [Bangladesh], Aug 29 (ANI): The Father of the Nation, Bangabondhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman in an interview to famous British TV personality David Frost in January 1972 told that the happiest moment of his life was to see Bangladesh as an independent sovereign country.
The interview was done a few days after his return from the Pakistani Jail.
Bangabondhu highlighted how the people of East Bengal were deprived in economical and development pretext since independence of Pakistan in 1947. He told David Frost, "You know, they have a commitment to the world and they have taken about Rs 2,000 crores loan. They are spending a small portion in Bangladesh. Now Pakistan is theirs. I am not from Pakistan, I am from Bangladesh. I have no responsibility. Let them pay all the loans they have taken."
He expressed with boldness and confidence that Bangladesh will be developed one day.
"You see their economy, I will survive but it will be difficult for them to survive. Taking Rs 2000 crores loan and there is no market for their industries to grow," he added.
Sheikh Mujib explained his leadership philosophy eloquently. He had been bold to say that absolute power will not turn to absolute corruption in Bangladesh as his leaders are well tested through long struggle and sacrifice.
"If a man comes in power by accident he can be corrupt but the men who come through a process, struggling, suffering, fighting, whatever power you give him he will not indulge in corruption because this is also a process and so far my party and I am concerned that all of my leaders have suffered jail, my leaders have ruined their families, have lost their houses, many of them lost their family members and they have long struggled for 24 years after their achievement of their (Pakistan's) so-called independence," Bangabondhu told in an interview.

He had expressed his deep feelings and sympathy to his countrymen who were butchered during the nine months of genocide.
Lives of 3 million Bangladeshis were sacrificed to earn independence. He added that his happiest moment in life was the Independence Day of Bangladesh.
"The day I have heard that my people have been liberated, my people are independent and I have got Bangladesh as an independent sovereign country that day was the happiest day of my whole life," said Bangabondhu who spent 4,682 days in prison throughout his political career.
In November 1971, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was sentenced to death by the Pakistani military court. By that point, however, Pakistan was in deep trouble in occupied Bangladesh, eventually going down to military defeat in December with the surrender of its armed forces to the allied command of the Mukti Bahini and the Indian army.
In Rawalpindi, before handing over the presidency of a rump Pakistan to ZA Bhutto, General Yahya Khan asked that he be allowed to execute Sheikh Mujibur Rahman in line with the judgment delivered earlier by the military tribunal. Bhutto rejected the request.
On 22 December 1971, Bangabondhu was freed from solitary confinement and placed under house arrest at a guest house outside Rawalpindi. President Bhutto met him on 23 and 27 December before freeing him in the early hours of 8 January 1972.
The Pakistani leader bade Bangabondhu farewell at Chaklala airport.
The Father of the Nation arrived in London on the cold morning of 8 January 1972. Two days later, on 10 January, he flew home to a free, liberated Bangladesh. (ANI)