Baloch Liberation Front chief Allah Nizar
Baloch Liberation Front chief Allah Nizar

History will hold those accountable who bargained Baloch people's blood for personal gains: Allah Nizar

ANI | Updated: Nov 18, 2019 23:33 IST

Undisclosed location [Pakistan], Nov 18 (ANI): Pakistan will never succeed in thwarting the Baloch liberation movement regardless of its horrendous aggression and naked crimes against thousands of people in the province, Baloch pro-independence leader Allah Nizar has said.
In a powerful statement, the chief of Baloch Liberation Front said that the collective and constant efforts of the Baloch people to stand for their cause in the face of the atrocities by Pakistan have helped in achieving the liberation movement the recognition and acceptance globally.

"With their (the Baloch people's) constant efforts, they have spread the suppressed voice of the Baloch nation in every nook and corner of the world and have also got acceptance. But it is saddening that some elements turned the Baloch national struggle into a means of business to supplement their wealth, which is a plain betrayal to the Baloch nation," said Nizar.
"We feel proud, on the fact that neither the atrocities nor the cruelties of the enemy or the negative policies of some of our friends, who used national struggle for some personal gains, could disappoint us," he added.
Nizar said that history will hold those accountable who betrayed the sacrifices of the Baloch people and bargained their blood for personal gains.
"Today, I want to make one thing clear that Pakistan created bloodshed to crush this movement, dishonored women, thousands of Baloch were put into torture cells, millions of families are displaced, thousands of Baloch are in exile, thus Baloch nation has paid a heavy price for getting this recognition," Nizar said.
"Whosoever betrayed the sacrifices of the Baloch nation and bargained the Baloch people's blood for personal gains, then the Baloch nation, history and Baloch national struggle will certainly bring them into accountability," he added.
"Today, the world has already acknowledged the fact that Pakistan in league with China has been engaged in carrying out unparalleled atrocities in Balochistan. In this hardest period, not only did the Baloch maintained their existence, but also overpowered all the imperialistic campaigns of the enemy. The military was forced to get out of their barracks and be deployed across Balochistan. This indicates the defeat of our enemy and is a sign of clear victory for us," Nizar said. (ANI)