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HK police arrest 5 on suspicion to publish children's books that 'incite hatred of govt'

ANI | Updated: Jul 23, 2021 12:25 IST

Hong Kong, July 23 (ANI): Hong Kong police on Thursday arrested five persons on suspicion of conspiring to incite hatred of the government.
The police said that they have arrested five people over children's books aimed to incite hatred of the government, reported NHK World.
They arrested five members of a speech therapists' union, aged between 25 and 28 for producing and distributing three picture books in a bid to explain the background of a series of massive anti-government rallies that rocked Hong Kong in 2019.

A senior police official told a news conference the books could create hatred of the government and incite violent and criminal behaviour.
The official said authorities are particularly concerned because the books were aimed at small children, who could be impressionable, reported NHK World.
A day earlier, four journalists from the now-defunct pro-democracy Apple Daily newspaper were indicted for violations of the national security law.
Most Hong Kongers are doubtful about their future under the Chinese imposed national security law which has left a "chilling effect" on people of the territory since its passage in June 2020. (ANI)