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Hong Kong Police condemns Sunday's violent protest

ANI | Updated: Oct 07, 2019 01:47 IST

Hong Kong, Oct 07 (ANI): Hong Kong Police on Sunday condemned the violence in a fresh round of protest in Chinese controlled territory, saying several rioters have "overstepped the bottom line of any civilized society".
"Massive violent protests again broke out in multiple districts in Hong Kong yesterday (October 6). Police express severe condemnation against rioters," the Hong Kong authority said in a press release, reported Sputnik.
Thousands of activists hit the streets after Hong Kong High Court dismissed an application put forth by 24 pro-democracy legislators, seeking a temporary suspension of a controversial new mask ban imposed by the government using a colonial-era emergency law.
Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam on Friday banned people from wearing face masks during public assemblies which had outraged protestors furthermore.
"Some rioters took the law into their own hands by beating up bystanders, overstepping the bottom line of any civilized society," the release read.
Multiple rounds of tear gas were fired by the police on the protestors who marched through the streets wearing masks in defiance of the law. (ANI)