Anti-extradition bill protesters march in Mong Kok, Hong Kong on August 3. (Photo/Reuters)
Anti-extradition bill protesters march in Mong Kok, Hong Kong on August 3. (Photo/Reuters)

Hong Kong: Protesters march to Mong Kok as unrest enters 9th week

ANI | Updated: Aug 03, 2019 16:48 IST

Hong Kong, Aug 3 (ANI): After receiving the last-minute approval to hold demonstrations, protesters swarmed the shopping district of Mong Kok here on Saturday to continue their agitations against the government and the now-suspended extradition bill.
Saturday is the third consecutive day of protests this week, according to CNN.
On Friday, civil servants joined the protests and called for the government to respect the "five demands" put forth by the demonstrators. These include a call for greater democracy in Hong Kong and investigations into the police conduct.
Protests will also be held in about seven districts of Hong Kong on Monday.
Pro-democracy demonstrators could be seen on Saturday holding banners which read "Police have too much power," "Hong Kong police, keep calm, please don't fire," and "Don't shoot our kids - Shame on police."
On the other hand, a pro-Beijing rally is being held in Victoria Park with the theme "Give peace a chance". It is a pro-police rally, which has pro-Chinese leaders in participation.
Even though both the protests are peaceful until now, the pro-democracy demonstrators have come equipped with gas masks in case violence breaks out. Previously, the police have resorted to using pepper spray, tear gas and batons to disperse the protesters. (ANI)