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Hyundai Mobis

Hyundai Mobis to develop world's first 'LED lighting car grille', commercialise in next year

ANI | Updated: Jun 17, 2021 19:49 IST

Seoul [South Korea], June 17 (ANI/Global Economic): Hyundai Mobis announced on the 17th that it has succeeded in developing 'Lighting Grille', which is the car grille into lighting LED device, and 'Grille-integrated Active Air Flap' technology that allows grill itself to be open and shut down depending on car and driving conditions.
These technologies developed by Hyundai Mobis are world's first new technologies that have not been produced globally. It is a noticeable result of development according to changes in trends of electric vehicles and autonomous driving cars. Through technology, the era of cars that can actively interact with outside will be open.
This is an effort to achieve the upper hand in new technology in preparation for changes in future car technologies.

'Lighting Grille' is the technology that car's front grille can be used as a light device. It can implement various modes such as auto-driving mode, electric vehicle charging mode, welcome light, sound beat display, and emergency car light.
Through this, a driver can use the grille not only as the light but also as the mean of communication with other drivers or pedestrians, and also make unique design effect by using different light patterns.
Hyundai Mobis is currently under the reliability testing process for commercializing the lighting grille technology. It is planning to produce it by promotion of client companies from next year.
'Grille-integrated Active Air Flap' technology is that automatically controls inflow vehicle-induced wind for engine and motor cooling as the grille itself moves depending on coolant temperature, and utilizes the lighting function.
Not only improving the heating efficiency and fuel/electricity efficiency by reducing wind drag, but also it can show the differentiated and luxurious external design by using lighting function. (ANI/Global Economic)