Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan
Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan

In Pak, trees produce Oxygen at night; well that's what their PM believes

ANI | Updated: Nov 26, 2019 23:28 IST

Islamabad [Pakistan], Nov 26 (ANI): If not for anything, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan will always be remembered for his embarrassing goof-ups. A new addition to the long list is his lack of general knowledge.
Trees produce Oxygen during night and absorb Carbon Dioxide, the prime minister said while addressing a program on the importance of planting trees.
Khan is being trolled by the netizens for the gaffe as the video is going viral on social media.
Pakistanis are questioning their 'handsome' prime minister's Oxford degree.
"Our handsome PM discovered the word 'platelets' after NS' health condition and now according to him, trees release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide at night.
Are you sure he's an #Oxford Graduate? How dare #PTI supporters and IK mock Bilawal and other people?," said one user.

"Trees producing oxygen at night time @ImranKhanPTI thanks," another user said.

"There's something new to learn from Imran Khan as usual; trees at night provide oxygen. Really?," said another user.

"Imran Khan says trees at night provide oxygen. Really?," tweeted another.

"Prime Minister #ImranKhan made a mistake while addressing the public on the importance of planting trees by saying Plants give oxygen at night and absorb carbon dioxide," said another Twitterati

In past too, gaffes by Imran Khan had left many scratching their heads. Early this year, he left his country embarrassed by saying that Germany and Japan 'share' border.
The biggest of all embarrassment came when during his maiden United Nations General Assembly in September addressed he referred Prime Minister Narendra Modi as Indian President. (ANI)