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German Navy Chief Vice Admiral Kay-Achim Schonbach
German Navy Chief Vice Admiral Kay-Achim Schonbach

India, Berlin needs Russia against China, says German Navy Chief

ANI | Updated: Jan 22, 2022 21:37 IST

New Delhi [India], January 22 (ANI): German Navy Chief Vice Admiral Kay-Achim Schonbach has said that Berlin and India need Russia against China but he also made clear that this is his personal opinion and it does not correspond to Berlin's official position.
"We, India, Germany need Russia against China," said Schonbach on Friday in New Delhi during an event organized by a think tank.
Referring to tensions at the Ukrainian border, he had said, "Does Russia really wants a small tiny strip of Ukrainian soil? Or integrate into the country, no this is nonsense."

"Putin is probably putting pressure because he knows he can do it. And it splits the EU. But what he really wants is high-level respect," Schonbach had added.
However, on Saturday, the German Navy Cheif stated that these remarks were his personal opinions and do not correspond in a way to his official position.
"Carelessly, misjudged in the situation, I should not have done it like that. There is nothing to interpret, that was a clear mistake. My security policy statements in a talk show at a think tank in India gave my personal opinion for that moment on the spot. They do not correspond in any way to the official position of the @BMVg_Bundeswehr. #germannavy," said Vice Admiral Kay-Achim Schonbach in a tweet on Saturday.
Schonbach was on his India visit. On Thursday, Air Chief Marshal VR Chaudhari at the Indian Air Force Headquarters in New Delhi where both sides discussed issues of mutual interest.
The two sides also discussed avenues to enhance bilateral defence cooperation during the meeting. (ANI)