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India for global ban on use of chemical weapons

ANI | Updated: Jun 27, 2018 08:51 IST

The Hague [The Netherlands], Jun 27 (ANI): India extended its complete support to the Chemical Weapon Convention to uphold the global ban on the use of chemical weapons.
Ambassador to the Netherlands and Permanent Representative of India to Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) Venu Rajamony on Tuesday said India is ready to co-operate with the international community for the same.
"India is ready to work with the international community to uphold the global ban on the use of chemical weapons," Rajamony said in the fourth special session of the Conference of the State Parties to the Chemical Weapons Convention here.
Expressing solidarity to the victims of chemical weapon attacks, Rajamony said the use of such substances cannot be justified under any circumstances and the perpetrators must be held responsible for their acts.
The OPCW Permanent Representative branded the use of chemical weapons as disregard of the United Nations and reprehensible and contrary to the provisions of the Chemical Weapon Convention.
"India views the Chemical Weapon Convention as a unique, non-discriminatory disarmament instrument which serves as a model for the elimination of weapons of mass destruction," he said.
Underlining the importance of the Chemical Weapon Convention, Rajamony said India stands for its 'full, effective, non-discriminatory implementation.'
He also stressed the need to maintain the credibility and integrity of the convention.
Rajamony voiced for a thorough investigation of alleged use of chemical weapons by countries in an impartial, objective manner and strictly in accordance with the provisions of the convention.
The Ambassador further expressed confidence that the conference would be able to narrow the differences on various issues pertaining to the object and purpose of the convention and its implementation.
He also said the extensive support enjoyed by the OPCW should never undermine the long-standing credibility of the organisation.
"India has always emphasised the importance of consensus and the need for all decisions to be taken by all the members in consultation with each other. The need of the hour is constructive engagement, dialogue, and unity," said Rajamony.
Any long-lasting and effective solutions to the challenges like non-state factors, effective national implementation, capacity building and others, faced by the OPCW, can be only formed through consultations amongst the parties, he further noted.
Acknowledging current deliberations in the matter, Rajamony opined that the fourth conference would provide an effective platform to address these issues, and highlighted India's keenness in participating in the discussions. (ANI)