Nepal Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli addressing the nation on the occasion of completing one year in office (Photo:ANI)
Nepal Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli addressing the nation on the occasion of completing one year in office (Photo:ANI)

India-Nepal relation reached new heights with bilateral visits during my regime: Oli

ANI | Updated: Feb 14, 2019 21:40 IST

Kathmandu [Nepal], Feb 14 (ANI): Nepal Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli on Thursday asserted that Indo-Nepal relations have reached new heights following the bilateral visits made during his tenure.
Oli addressed the nation on the occasion of completing one year in office after the three-tier election.
He accredited his visit to India and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s two visits to Kathmandu as the factor to strengthen the relationship between the two nations.
“My India visit and Indian Prime Minister’s two times visit to Nepal has taken the relations between the two nations to new heights. The existing problems between the two nations are resolving. The projects underway in aid have entered the phase of implementation. Two nations have agreed to exchange helps in the field of agriculture, railways and trans-nation waterways, as well as additional sectors, has been expanded for additional support,” the Prime Minister of Nepal said.
Oli further highlighted the progress made during his tenure after he assumed the office in mid-February, 2018.
“In the field of energy, decision and agreement over the project like the establishment of energy bank which has a long-lasting impact have been made. During this time 3 lakh electricity consumers have been added up. The consumption of electricity has increased to 200 Kilo-Watt per hour from 177 Kilo-Watt per hour. The construction of the Upper Tamakoshi Hydro Power Project is in its final stage. The Arun-III Hydropower Project’s construction has begun,” Oli said while touching upon the recent agreements with India and Indian projects.
In the last week of January, Nepal agreed to establish an energy bank with India as per which conjugative nations would supply the power to either of the countries at the time of need.
Apart from this, the Nepal Prime Minister stated that the technological revolution in the trade, with the introduction of various systems and wide access to the Indian ports, was made during his first year in office.
“At the time of import and export from the Bisakhapatnam port and Birgunj the electronic cargo tracking system has helped for the clearance at the Birgunj. From this month, the transfer of goods from Calcutta and Haldiya Port via train ways will also follow the Electronic Cargo Tracking system. In order to control the leakage during carriage of petroleum goods locking system has been introduced at every point from where it is being brought from India. The work of laying the petroleum pipeline also has gained the speed,” Oli asserted. (ANI)