Indian Peacekeepers educating locals in Wau Shilluk
Indian Peacekeepers educating locals in Wau Shilluk

Indian Peacekeepers educating, empowering locals in Wau Shilluk

ANI | Updated: Jul 20, 2018 00:50 IST

Wau [South Sudan], July 19 (ANI): The Indian Battalion serving under the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) organised a veterinary camp and other social activities in Wau Shilluk County.
Realising the lack of veterinary facilities in the area, Indian Peacekeepers conducted a veterinary camp on July 16.
In addition, a training workshop was also organised along with the UN Human Rights Division to educate local women in making bio-filters using locally-available materials.
A meeting was held with County Commissioner of Wau Shilluk, Gumo Mayik Ayeng, in which he highlighted the lack of medical facilities for livestock, along with the need for regular treatment of livestock at Wau Shilluk.
In addition, he also stressed upon the lack of potable water availability, as Nile River water is unfit for drinking.
The Indian Veterinary team, led by G R Rao, examined and treated more than 250 animals. The focus was also on educating the owners of livestock about prevention of diseases and healthy rearing and breeding practices to ensure a healthy animal.
The team also compiled a handbook on "Common Diseases Cattle and Calves" giving a pictorial description of common diseases and remedies for cattle and calves. The same handbook was presented to Gumo Mayik Ayeng during his visit to the veterinary camp.
He also interacted with the veterinary team of Indian Battalion and owners of the livestock and enquired about the health issues of the animals.
On this occasion, the Commissioner said, "We are very grateful to Indian Veterinary team for their real concern about the health of livestock of Wau Shilluk. They are putting serious efforts towards extending veterinary cover to animals and guiding the owners for prevention and control of the diseases. Their initiative, technical efficiency and enthusiasm are praiseworthy".
A workshop headed by Maj Sandeep Kadian was also organised to educate the local women about the importance of purification of water and construction of biofilter using the locally-available material such as sand, aggregate and charcoal.
Ayeng also visited the workshop, during his visit and said, "We are in debited to INDBATT1 for conducting such a useful and important workshop about water purification and construction of biofilters as we all are aware of the grave water-borne diseases prevalent in the area and unhealthy condition of Nile River water".
The Veterinary aid camp and workshop were highly successful with an active participation of locals. Owners of the livestock expressed the gratitude for caring the health of their animals.
"We are very thankful to the UNMISS peacekeepers for their continuous efforts in improving the health of the animals and educating us about biofilters. We are sure that this will help us in improving our living standards. We are also optimistic that the efforts taken by Indian peacekeeper will continue in future also," said a local. (ANI)