International toy exhibition in Tokyo attracts many
International toy exhibition in Tokyo attracts many

International toy exhibition in Tokyo attracts many

ANI | Updated: Jun 26, 2018 19:20 IST

Tokyo [Japan], June 26 (ANI): This year marks the fifty-seventh edition of annual International Tokyo Toy Show, where Japanese manufacturers, as well as foreign makers, are introducing about 35,000 new toys, including latest technology toys and educational toys.
"This toy makes various sounds by pushing the button. You can also compose your own melody by pressing these buttons. You can also scan the cubes and speak in Japanese or in English, this way the children can learn just by listening," said toy maker Kumi Inagaki.
At every booth, a lot of children are gathering to see, touch, and enjoy toy demonstrations. The exhibition also includes many stage shows to experience the fun of toys.
This year, the most watched toys are using "speech recognition" technology by AI (Artificial intelligence).
With the release of smart speakers since last year, the wave of voice recognition and voice manipulation is pouring into the toy world.
"Chatting toys" that communicate with speakers are very popular at the exhibition.
"Toys are tools for parents and children to communicate. They also help children to learn about society in the future, I think it is a bridge for growth because I believe that children learn various things from a toy first of all," said a visitor.
With the declining birthrate, toy makers in Japan are making increased efforts to face the shrinking market.
One of the steps taken to do so is stimulating demand for toys that three generations of children, parents, and grandparents can enjoy playing together.
These innovative Japanese toys continue to give dreams to every generation.(ANI)