Iraq forces recapture Hawija from ISIS

ANI | Updated: Oct 05, 2017 16:47 IST

Baghdad [Iraq], Oct 5 (ANI): The Iraqi Army on Thursday announced the capture of the town of Hawija and surrounding areas from the Islamic State.
The battle to reclaim the town was launched on September 21 and was backed by American air strikes. The Iraqi military said fighting is still taking places in some pockets in the north and east of the town, but added that militants have been surrounded.
Thursday’s capture of Hawija brings the Iraqi forces in direct contact with Kurdish Peshmerga fighters who control Kirkuk, a multi-ethnic region, that has been claimed by both Baghdad and the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG).
Hawija was a strategic position for the extremist group, giving it a base in central Iraq to launch attacks in the surrounding provinces , the Washington Post has reported.
Last week, the Kurdish Regional Government held a unilateral referendum on independence, which was approved by nearly 93 percent of the voters in the semi-autonomous Kurdish region of northern Iraq. (ANI)