Israel Deputy Ambassador Rony Yedidia Clein
Israel Deputy Ambassador Rony Yedidia Clein

Israel doing everything to de-escalate but Hamas firing rockets, says dy envoy

ANI | Updated: May 13, 2021 23:52 IST

Tel Aviv [Israel], May 13 (ANI): Israel on Thursday said it is trying to de-escalate the situation amid violence between Israeli forces and Hamas, however, the Palestinian Islamist group is bombarding the large area of Israel with rockets.

In an exclusive interview with ANI, Israel Deputy Ambassador Rony Yedidia Clein said, "Unfortunately the situation in Israel is escalating and we have been trying for a while to de-escalate the situation."

She also said that Israel is trying to protect all its civilians including Palestinian amid the deepening unrest.

Clein said, "We have Iron Dome, an anti-missile system, which is there in order to deflect any rocket that comes in. Iron Dome is there to protect Israeli and we do in fact try to protect civilians on both sides of the land. We are not only protecting our civilians even in Gaza."

"Unfortunately, it's not a 100 per cent seal, it's not something that can get every rocket."

She further said, "Before we bomb a building we know that there are Hamas operatives or Hamas infrastructure. We give warning shots on the roof of the building and they know that these warning shots means that in a few minutes there will be something bigger and they need to go out. We do give them enough time to get out of the building."

Quite a large area of Israel was bombarded by Hamas rockets, and this is a really tense situation, she said.

"We have bomb shelters in almost all homes been built in last 30 years. Older ones have had bomb shelters added to them and we're doing as much as we can. We have people spending entire days in bomb shelters. My daughter has three old and a newborn and they have been spending their entire nights in the bomb shelter of their home."

She added, "We even in various operation when we are able to do it we call people in Gaza and tell them, listen your building is about to come under attack because you have Hamas operatives or Hamas infrastructure in your building."

However, "Hamas rockets don't differentiate between Arab, Jews, Israeli, Indian, or anyone who is in their way and can get hit," she added.

At least 90 people - 83 Palestinians and 7 Israelis - have died in a rocket attack in Israel. (ANI)