Israel exposes Iranian espionage cell in West Bank

ANI | Updated: Jan 03, 2018 21:57 IST

Jerusalem [Israel], Jan 3 (ANI): Israel's internal security agency Shin Bet on Wednesday said it had busted an Iranian espionage cell operating in the West Bank and arrested its Palestinian leader.

The leader of the cell was a 29-year-old computer science student named Muhammad Maharma from Hebron, but he received his directions from an Iranian operative in South Africa, the Times of Israel reported, citing Shin Bet, as saying.

Maharma, who was charged with establishing a cell to carry out shooting attacks and recruiting suicide bombers, received 8,000 US Dollars from Iran, according to Shin Bet.

The Shin Bet also stated that Maharma told the investigators that he was also asked to find an Arab Israeli who would be willing to take photographs inside the Israeli territory, specifically a journalist who would have more access to "official locations."

According to the statement by Shin Bet, "The operation demonstrates the Iranian involvement in encouraging terror attacks against Israel and also shows the forces being sent by Iran to countries around the world, in order to advance enemy activities against Israel." (ANI)