Open-ended ceasefire between Israel and Hamas militants
Open-ended ceasefire between Israel and Hamas militants

Israeli Defence Minister quits over Gaza crisis

ANI | Updated: Nov 14, 2018 19:08 IST

Jerusalem (Israel), Nov 14 (ANI): Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman, announced his resignation on Wednesday over the government's decision to call for a ceasefire, mediated by Egypt. Liberman mentioned that his resignation came weeks after continued disagreements with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over the course of actions undertaken to deal with the ongoing tensions between Israel and Gaza.
On the other hand, the ceasefire that was announced by Hamas on Tuesday continued for Wednesday, however, no official confirmation was made to this effect by Israel, reported the Washington Post.
Speculations are rife that Liberman's departure from the Netanyahu government would be followed by fresh elections in the country.
Meanwhile, the Israelis staying on the southern part of the country and who have become the target of more than 400 rockets fired by militants in the Gaza Strip on Monday, protested against the Israeli government's move of negotiating the ongoing crisis with a ceasefire. they termed it as governments surrender to Hamas.
Liberman was heard expressing his displeasure over the ceasefire. "What happened yesterday with the cease-fire and the entire process of reaching an agreement with Hamas amounts to surrendering to terror, there is no other explanation," Liberman comment in a news conference.
" What we have done recently is buy quiet for the short term but we will end up paying a high price for our long-term quiet," he added.(ANI)