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Shri Krishna Temple in Lalitpur of Nepal (File photo)
Shri Krishna Temple in Lalitpur of Nepal (File photo)

Janmashtami in Nepal: Devotees throng magnificent Krishna Temple

ANI | Updated: Aug 23, 2019 18:29 IST

Lalitpur [Nepal], Aug 23: Shri Krishna Temple here on Friday witnessed a high influx of devotees to celebrate Janmashtami at Patan Durbar Square.
The festival, which marks the birthday of Lord Krishna, is being celebrated throughout the country with devotion and veneration.
"Today is Krishna Janmashtami and we all celebrate the birth of Lord Krishna. Today we take our children donned in the attire of Krishna. Many of the people also fast on the day praying for the boon to get a son like Krishna. For five years I have been coming here with my son dressed as Krishna annually as I had prayed for a son like Lord Krishna and this is also for my son," Kristi Karki a devotee who came to Krishna Temple donning her son in Krishna attire told ANI.
The renowned and artistic Shri Krishna Temple, standing tall on Patan Durbar Square, is made of stones and was built by the then King of Patan, Siddhi Narsingh Malla.
As per the scriptures, Lord Krishna, the incarnation of Lord Vishnu, was born during the Dwapar era on midnight of Bhadrakrishna Ashtami of the lunar calendar.
Shri Krishna Janmashtami is celebrated in a grand manner to cherish the good deeds of Lord Krishna for a happy and prosperous life.
Devotees, especially women, spend the night chanting prayers and devotional songs, dancing and lighting oil-fed lamps.
Various religious organisations and institutions celebrate the birth anniversary of Lord Krishna by organising colourful processions with the idols of Lord Krishna flanked by decorative portraits.
"I prayed for no rainfall at the time when I had to go to school and release Ravi Uncle from the jail," said five-year-old Ayanshu Karki, son of Kristi Karki, donned Lord Krishna attire. (ANI)