Rising temperature in Japan
Rising temperature in Japan

Japan adopts new ways to beat the heat

ANI | Updated: Aug 08, 2018 19:30 IST

Tokyo [Japan], Aug 8 (ANI): Climate change is a global issue causing worry to many countries around the world in recent years. Japan, too, has observed a record heat wave this summer.
"This summer is very hot. The moment I open my house door I feel heat wave covering my body and I feel very uncomfortable," a citizen said.
To face an unusually hot summer this year, Japan is incorporating several methods from the latest technology to old-fashioned ways to reduce the temperature in streets and give people a cool and comfortable feeling.
"Marunouchi" area is located in central Tokyo, close to Tokyo Station. It is the largest business area in the capital. Tall buildings with many offices are seen here. Along streets where businessmen and tourists walk, mist equipment has been installed for the purpose of improving comfort by reducing temperature while considering the environment.
"There was a lot of mist, and I thought that it was wonderful. But it is limited only in the city. I hope this initiative will expand to local area," another local said.
Another measure to combat heat is using 300-year-old wisdom from the Edo period of Japan- "Uchimizu" - or splashing water as a method for lowering the temperature of the ground.
Participants here are using Japanese traditional wooden tub and ladle. Tokyo's local government is cooperating with private companies to hold "Uchimizu" events to keep the heat off.
"It is challenging to take measures against the heat. "Uchimizu" which continues from the Edo period has the effect of lowering temperature. Everyone in the neighborhood needs to join in. I think this "Uchimizu" operation will be effective at Tokyo Olympic Games," said Yuriko Koike, the Governor of Tokyo.
Two years later, in the 2020 summer, Tokyo will host Olympic and Paralympic Games. At the same time, foreign tourists are increasing, and if the problem of hot summer continues, Japan's efforts to relieve heat will be given attention from countries around the world. (ANI)