Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe
Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

Japan again approaches North Korea for talks

ANI | Updated: May 02, 2019 14:46 IST

Tokyo [Japan], May 2 (ANI): Japan Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Thursday proposed to meet North Korean leader Kim Jong-un "unconditionally" to "break the shell of mutual distrust".
"I want to meet Chairman Kim Jong Un unconditionally and talk with him frankly with an open mind," Al Jazeera quoted Shinzo Abe as saying.
"It is more than important for our country to be proactive in tackling the issue. We can not break the shell of mutual distrust between Japan and North Korea unless I directly face Kim," added Abe.
North Korean authorities are yet to respond to Japan's proposal.
In January also, Abe indicated that he is planning to meet Kim. 
Till 2017, Japan had accused North Korea of repeatedly testing missiles while pointing them towards Japan.
North Korean media has regularly and viciously attacked Japan, by calling it "heinous criminal state against humanity", and an "immoral and impudent country".  
This comes days after Kim flew to Russia to hold his maiden summit with President Vladimir Putin. The United States has also proposed to hold another summit later this year to end the stalemate.
It seems, reclusive state North Korea's diplomatic circle is getting bigger. (ANI)