A glimpse of the Handmade in Japan Festival 2018
A glimpse of the Handmade in Japan Festival 2018

Japan exhibits handmade products

ANI | Updated: Jul 18, 2018 18:02 IST

Tokyo [Japan], July 18 (ANI): Around 3,000 artistes on Wednesday participated in the Japan Festival 2018"">"Handmade in Japan Festival 2018" in Tokyo.
A variety of innovative and unique fashion products, toys, and household goods were introduced at the festival. The products were handmade and produced in very small numbers, and some are unique in the world.
A pottery artist displayed his innovative work. When displayed upside down, it depicts Mount Fuji, the highest mountain peak in Japan.
"The concrete design is 'Mt. Fuji', 'Sakura', and the star. I try to create products that are not only for Japanese but also for people from all around the world, so they are pleased with my products," said the artist.
Another artiste displayed a clock made of wood.
"These clocks give us a bright impression and calm feelings. The atmosphere changes with the kind of wood and the grain of the wood. Because I do not have a shop to sell my products, so I wish visitors to see my products at such events and choose what they like the most," the artiste said.
Usually, the products are sold through online shopping portals or directly via the website of the artistes.
As a result, consumers are not able to physically touch or see the products before they buy them.
In this exhibition, visitors can actually see the products, and it is also an opportunity for individual creators and consumers to connect.
Koutarou Marubayashi, the organiser of the event said, "In this shopping model producer and the consumers face each other in a happy and comfortable atmosphere. These products are not cheap, but I hope more customers would want to buy such good and genuine products. The feel of the product, the fine details, and the story behind the product are easy to convey here. Through this event, creators themselves want to convey their attractiveness to consumers and increase their fans."
With the increase in shopping through the Internet, many are encouraging such exhibitions where consumers can talk with creators pick up products, look for items they like, and buy them.
The business of creators is active again, and the market is crowded with pleasant interaction. (ANI)