Japan's All Nippon Airways (File Photo)
Japan's All Nippon Airways (File Photo)

Japanese airline introduces winter tourist spots in Yamagata

ANI | Updated: Jan 28, 2019 17:57 IST

Yamagata [Japan], Jan 28 (ANI): Japan's All Nippon Airways (ANA) is taking steps to introduce popular sightseeing places in Yamagata, a prefecture on Japan's Honshu Island, known for its mountains, wonderful winter spots, entertaining events and culture.
Yamagata Prefecture has one of the most beautiful scenic winter season in Japan. The 'Mogami River Boat Ride' is an attractive activity, which allows tourists to sail down the Mogami River in Yamagata on a boat.
Tourists also get to enjoy the majestic landscapes alongside Mogami River area while listening to traditional Japanese music.
The Mogami River changes its faces in accordance with every changing season. Each trip to the river is different and provides one with a special experience.
Tourists are offered heated boats or boats during the winter season with 'kotatsu' to keep warm while enjoying beautiful Japanese sceneries and traditions.
“I felt very special about the fact that there was actually the long warm table. I was very excited and enjoyed the ride” a tourist from Taiwan was quoted as saying.
Explaining about the cruise journey, Yuki Yokoi of Mogami River Cruise said, “Our boat has been going up and down the river up to 12 kilometres as sightseeing ship for the last fifty to sixty years. We have received good feedback, a lot of times from our customers. I hope that every guest enjoys the story and song from our unique boatmen. I want people regardless of their age to come and experience the charm of Mogami River with fun riding”.
Mount Haguro is also one of the most easily accessible one among the three mountains of Dewa in Yamagata Prefecture. At its summit stands the Haguro-san Shrine, the only one of the three Dewa Sanzan shrines which are open all year long and is the most popular mountain tourist spot.
In addition, there are several attractions located along the walking trail up Mount Haguro. One of the most symbolic spots is the 'five-storied pagoda' surrounded by cedars. People can experience the beauty of this centuries-old, unique Japanese wooden structure.
Yamagata Prefecture has another popular tourist attraction, namely Kamo Aquarium, known for having the world's largest number of species of jellyfish on display, also has been certified by the Guinness World Records.
The fifth unique attraction point about this aquarium is its large jellyfish circle shaped tank with a diameter of five meters, making it also the largest in the world.
Yohei Watanabe of Kamo Aquarium said, “Kamo Aquarium is the only one aquarium in Yamagata Prefecture and exhibits mainly fish from local “Shonai region”. And the most symbolic thing about this aquarium is the “jellyfish”, whose 60 types are exhibited here. I often see visitors enjoy watching the way of its swimming. Please come to enjoy the unique and mysterious space of this aquarium.” (ANI)